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About us

Invest Europe Platforms


The Platforms

Invest Europe is the voice of the private equity industry as a whole. However, we recognise that individual segments of our membership have specific requirements. As a result, our membership is structured into four distinct Platforms: Limited Partner, Venture Capital, Mid-Market and Global Private Equity.

The responsibilities of each Platform include engaging with members to understand and respond to their specific needs; keeping members abreast of Invest Europe activities; developing and executing Platform strategy, action plans and budget; and steering Roundtables and Working Groups composed of industry practitioners.

Limited partners Venture capital Mid-Market Global Private Equity
Limited partners

Limited Partners Platform

Limited partners provide private equity fund managers with capital to invest. These exclusively professional investors are typically part of large investment institutions, including pension funds, insurance companies, government agencies, charities and family offices, and come from across the globe. These institutions, and their underlying participants such as pensioners and endowment holders, are the key beneficiaries of private equity's outperformance and diversification.

Limited Partners Platform Council

Invest Europe Vice - Chair

Christina Pamberg, Alcyon Holding

Board Members

Louis Flamand, MetLife
Anne Fossemalle, EBRD
Elias Korosis, Hermes GPE


Frank Amberg, MEAG MUNICH ERGO Asset Management
Jean-Philippe Burcklen, European Investment Fund (EIF)
Carolina Espinal, Harbourvest Partners
David Hobson, GIC
Sofie Kulp-Tåg, Skandia

Merrick McKay, Aberdeen Standard Investments
Philipp Patschkowski, NB Alternatives Advisers
Robert Schlachter, LGT Capital Partners
Anders Strömblad, Andra AP-fonden / AP2
Stephen Ziff, Coller Capital

Limited Partners Platform Groups

The Limited Partners Platform is supported by sub-groups which deal with specific industry sectors.

Single Family Office Roundtable (SFOR)

The Limited Partners Platform is currently supported by a sub-group which deals with a specific industry sector, namely Single Family Offices (SFO)

The SFO Roundtable represents the interests of the SFO community within Invest Europe. It works to increase SFO Invest Europe membership and provides tailored training courses. 


Christina Pamberg - Alcyon Holding

Venture capital

Venture Capital Platform

Venture Capital firms invest in start-up companies, backing teams of dynamic entrepreneurs with funding, as well as strategic and operational expertise to launch new products and grow their businesses. Venture capital backing spurs business expansion and international growth, which in turn offers the potential of high returns for venture capital fund investors. Many multinational European companies such as Skype, Spotify and SoundCloud have benefitted from venture capital backing.

Venture Capital Platform Council

Invest Europe Vice - Chair

Klaus Hommels, Lakestar

Board members

Max Bautin, IQ Capital Partners
Sander Slootweg, Forbion


Ingrid Teigland Akay, Hadean Ventures
Jean Bourcereau, Ventech
Dina Chaya, NeoMed Management
Janke Dittmer, Gilde Healthcare Partners
Jonas Hansson, HealthCap
Stefan Haubner, Apex Ventures
Sami Lampinen, Inventure
Patrick Polak, Newion Partners
Henrijette Richter, Sofinnova Partners
Pauline Roux, Elaia Partners
Rainer Strohmenger, Wellington Partners

Venture Capital Platform Groups

The Venture Capital Platform is supported by several sub-groups which deal with specific industry sectors.

Corporate Venture Capital Roundtable

The Corporate Venture Capital Roundtable gives a voice to the increasingly influential corporate venture capital community. Its membership includes leading companies active in Europe and it has strong ties with similar networks in other countries, such as the US National Venture Capital Association’s Corporate Venture Capital Group.



Mid-Market Platform

The Mid-Market Platform is our largest group by number of members, reflecting the sector’s important contribution to the economy. Mid-Market investors specialise in investing in medium-sized European companies. These companies are typically family-owned businesses seeking to professionalise their company structure, or entrepreneurial management teams aiming to take their businesses to the next stage.

Mid-market Platform Council

Invest Europe Vice – Chair

Frans Tieleman, Eurazeo

Board Members

Dörte Höppner, Riverside Europe Partners
Henry Jackson, OpCapita


Thomas Boulman, LBO France
Catherine Brossard, Cerberus Capital Management

Laurent Ganem, G Square Healthcare Private Equity
Louis Godron, Argos Wityu
Torsten Grede, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG
Martin Kõdar, Baltcap

Dariusz Pietrzak, Enterprise Investors
Mauro Roversi, Ambienta
Michele Semenzato, Wise
Christian Strain, Summit Partners

George Swirski, Abris Capital Partners
Kristof Vande Capelle, Gimv

Central and Eastern European Taskforce

This Taskforce undertakes initiatives specifically aimed at the development and promotion of private equity and venture capital in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. Its work includes special papers dedicated to annual statistics relating to private equity activity across the region.


William R. Watson - Value4Capital


Evgeny Angelov, BVCA 
Mirna Marovic - CVCA

Zuzana Pickova - CVCA
Kadri Lindpere - EstVCA 
Ibolya Pintér - HVCA
Anita Matisone - LVCA
Barbara Nowakowska - PSIK
Irina Anghel - SEEPEA
Ivan Jakubek - SLOVCA
Olga Afanasyeva - UVCA
Rokas Peciulaitis - LT VCA
Henry Potter - Alpha Associates



Global Private Equity

Global Private Equity Platform

Global Private Equity provides long-term investment that creates value, making bigger businesses more competitive and productive. Whether reinvigorating unloved and undermanaged divisions of conglomerates, transforming domestic successes into global champions, or helping established companies overcome new challenges, GPE firms bring a responsible and patient governance structure to their investments. The credit crunch has recently demonstrated GPE's ability to deliver strong returns throughout economic cycles.

Global Private Equity Platform Council

Invest Europe Vice - Chair


Board members

Tom Allen, Advent International
Vanessa Maydon, Cinven


Jonas Agesand, Warburg Pincus
Ludo Bammens, Kohlberg Kravis Robert & Co.
Filippo Cardini, TowerBrook
Christopher Crozier, Permira Advisers
Richard Howell, PAI Partners
Carsten Huwendiek, CVC
Henrik Johansson, Nordic Capital
Susannah Lindenfield, Blackstone
Gordon Scott, The Carlyle Group

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