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Industry standards

ESG due diligence guide


Invest Europe's How to Invest Responsibly - A Guide to ESG Due Diligence for Private Equity GPs and their Portfolio Companies guide provides a summary of emerging good practices for private equity managers, investors and portfolio company management teams. Its aim is to help them identify and address material ESG risks and opportunities during the pre-investment and ownership phases.

What is inside?

  1. Pre-investment: best practices that a GP can take in its ESG screening and due diligence processes 
  2. Post-transaction: steps a GP can take to incorporate ESG into its ownership practices and engagement with company management 
  3. Due Diligence Questionnaire: a comprehensive list of questions covering common themes across the ESG agenda 

This members-only guide, prepared in cooperation with the Invest Europe Responsible Investment Roundtable, aims to serve as a useful tool for those members starting to implement ESG policies, as well as those wishing to improve their existing processes.

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Guide to ESG Due Diligence for Private Equity GPs and their Portfolio Companies

20 Mar 2019
Invest Europe

This voluntary best practice guide aims to help private equity firms identify and address material ESG risks and opportunities, both prior to investment and during the ownership period. It also includes a comprehensive questionnaire covering a wide range of ESG issues.

Download (Member only) PDF 522.42 KB (Member only)

Virtual Roundtable: ESG Is No Longer Optional. What Every Private Equity Manager Should Know

Responsible investment (or ESG) is becoming an essential part of doing business. Private equity managers must consider a range of issues, from the diversity in their teams to the carbon emissions stemming from their portfolios. If not, they risk losing investors' confidence and access to deals. This trend will only grow.

The challenge today is to formalise ESG policies to meet these higher standards. In June 2019, Invest Europe’s webinar, organised in collaboration with Navatar, brought together industry experts to discuss how GPs should present their ESG frameworks to investors, as well as the critical considerations to be made during the pre-investment due diligence, portfolio monitoring and exit phases. Topics covered included:

  • How an ESG strategy can make or break a deal
  • What LPs want to see in a GP’s policies and practices
  • How GPs can take their ESG DDQs to the next level
  • Automation, plastics and other emerging ESG risks

The webinar recording is available here.

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